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Where Nurture

Meets Nature

What We Do

Early Education

At Monton Village Nursery we:

 We provide a caring environment that is safe, happy, stable and secure; encourage and help children to be independent and self-motivated. We promote early reading, writing and mathematical skills through playful, open ended activities and targeted focused activities. We encourage children to be individuals and value their interests and choice of expression, We encourage a positive, praising environment promoting a child’s self-esteem, promote and develop social responsibility and self-discipline. We help children to develop good language and communication skills. We help to foster within children the belief that learning is fun. We help to create inquisitive, thoughtful lifelong learners; work in close partnership with parents and carers. We provide education promoting a balance of child led and adult led activities. We help children to develop fine and large motor skills; provide opportunities for active, natural and explorative outdoor play. We observe, assess and record the children’s development to ensure continuity and progression. We also facilitate a smooth transition from nursery to primary school.